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How to best thaw the meat?Updated 9 months ago

There is some debate here: While some prefer to thaw it for hours in cold water with ice cubes in it, others swear by lukewarm water if you are more pressured for time. Some have even been known to use hot water, and while this definitely speeds up the process of thawing, it may not be the most suitable method for everyone. There are sous-vide enthusiasts who cook their meat from a frozen state too, and some put frozen meat in the slow cooker. Personally, we prefer using slowly thawed meat for any cooking we do.

All smaller items, like single steaks, etc, can just be left in the fridge to thaw overnight. If you are thawing larger pieces of meat, the general rule of thumb is one day per every 5 pounds of meat.

If you thaw in the fridge the meat will be good for 3-5 days after thawing, ground meat for 1-2 days. 

You can also cook directly from frozen, which will take about 50% longer than cooking thawed meat. 

All our beef is grass-fed and as such the cows are never eating any gluten. 

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