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Everything you need to know about FarmFoods Company and Products.

Who is behind FarmFoods?

We're essentially people who started caring more and more about the quality of our food, and we decided to do something about it. Meat in stores can come from anywhere, and many times you have no insight into what it has been fed. We wanted to buy me

Do you also sell other meats? Like lamb, pork and chicken or bison?

We offer a variety of meat including Grassfed Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Seafood. We are working on introducing other forms of meat as well and have ongoing plans to do so. Still, it does take some time as we want to ensure that the farms we are lookin

How to best thaw the meat?

There is some debate here: While some prefer to thaw it for hours in cold water with ice cubes in it, others swear by lukewarm water if you are more pressured for time. Some have even been known to use hot water, and while this definitely speeds up t

Is your beef gluten free?

All our beef is grassfed and as such the cows are never eating any gluten.

Thawed meat, no dry ice, warm or not frozen

We're really sorry about this. To determine if the meat is okay, please follow the USDA guidelines inside the package. As long as it's cold, it's typically safe to eat, and cold meat can be refrozen without impact on its quality.

The meat is tough / too chewy / hard to chew / not tender

Grassfed meat needs to be cooked as rare or medium rare or it can become tough. This usually means ~10 degrees lower temperature. Grassfed meat cooks about 30% faster. If roasting, use ~50 degrees lower temperature in the oven. For steaks, consider u

Do you use hormones or antibiotics

No hormones and no antibiotics are given to the animals.

What do you feed chickens / Are they pastured raised

The chickens are raised in pastures that are 100% organic and non-GMO California native drought tolerant plants. The chickens' supplemental feed is a locally milled corn and soybean based feed with no additional drugs or weird additives at all.

Is your pork injected at all with a salt solution

Our pork is not injected with anything at all.

What nutritional value / fat content is in your ground pork?

Our Ground Pork is 80/20. 80% meat and 20% fat.

Where do you butcher? How are the animals killed?

All the facilities we work with are USDA certified, which is a must for us and means that they have to live up to highly set standards. Some of our partners also have additional certifications, such as organic, humane, etc. Butchering locally on the

Is your meat certified organic?

No, our beef is not certified organic. It is very hard for small family farms to get certified organic, and it is very costly. That said, we are very proud of the practices of our farms, and in our view they exhibit even better practices, even though

Are you humane certified?

We work with several small slaughter and butchering facilities. We try to find ones that are as close to the farms as possible, as prolonged transport stresses the animals.

Where is your fish / Salmon caught?

All Salmon is wild caught in Alaska.

Do you have any dairy products?

Unfortunately, we do not do any dairy products.

Is there collagen in your bones?

There is collagen in all bones, especially in knuckle bones at they have the most connective tissue.

Can I freeze the meat?

Yes. You can freeze the beef. USDA guidelines is that frozen beef that is properly frozen is best to consume within 1-2 years.

What are the ingredients in cured Bacon/Ham?

Pork. Cured with water and less than 2% of the following: salt, cane sugar, maple sugar and brown sugar, spice extractives, sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite.

Do you offer any spice mixes?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any spice mixes at the moment.

How is the fish packed for shipping?

Our fish is vacuum sealed and flash frozen.

How many servings are in your package of bone broth? How many ounces is it?

Our bone broth comes in ~480 ml (~16 fl oz) and can serve 2 US cups. The package contains 16 fl oz but It's very concentrated, so you could easily mix it with water for it to last longer. Officially, a US Cup is 240ml (or 8.45 imperial fluid ounces.)

How many of the English style short ribs are there per pound?

In bigger packages ~5, smaller packages ~3.

Meat received looks different from the pictures advertised

Please be informed that it is mentioned on our website that Images shown are examples. The cuts vary by farm and may look different.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Unfortunately, we do not accept orders over phone. If you're having problems placing an order on the website we would be happy to assist you! There is a chat functionality on the website where you can talk to us while putting the order together. Plea

How are ground beef / hamburger / roasts packed? Are they in separate packing or single?

All ground beef and hamburger patties are packaged in 1 lb packages. Roasts are typically 3-5 lb packages, and steaks are 0.5-2 lb packages.

How many steaks are in a pack?

It depends on which pack you buy. We have many different options. Sometimes it's a set number of steaks, sometimes it's a set number of pounds. Please read the description of the pack you're ordering for details.

How many chops per pack?

There are 2 chops per package.

What kind of bones are in the package of beef soup bones?

Typically rib bones.

What can I expect from my pack?

References:. ~ = Approximately. If a pack's weight is ~X pounds, the delivered weight will be at least 0.9 multiplied by X. For example, if the pack description says ~8 pounds, the delivered minimum weight will be at least 7.2 pounds. If a pack's wei

Why frozen meat?

The meat we sell is flash frozen right at the processing facility, at the height of freshness. Flash freezing in combination with vacuum sealing the meat preserves the fabulous flavor of the meat and brings you that same flavor when you chose to thaw

Do you have any recipes? How should I cook this?

There are many different opinions about how to cook grassfed meat. We have some comments about how some of our customers have cooked their meat under the product description on each product page ( you can also add your comments / recipes here). There

How is the meat packaged?

All meat is vacuum sealed and flash frozen at the butcher, in small packages.

No bone marrow in bones

All bones have marrow in them. If you're using the bones for bone broth, make sure you cook them more than 24 hours to get all the marrow and nutrients out.

Is the meat grass-fed and grass-finished?

Yes, the meat is 100% grassfed and grass finished.

What breed are the cows?

All our cattle are Angus.

What do the pork/pigs/hogs eat?

The pork is pastured on grass and the hogs eat a nutritious all-vegetarian diet (forage and feed). The feed is a traditional corn and soy bean ration.

Pork belly with or without skin

The pork belly from Eden Farms is skin-on. The pork belly from Marksbury Farm is skin-off.

Where is the meat from?

We currently work with family farms in California, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri, Washington, Oregon and New York State. We also sometimes source from small family farms in New Zealand. We want to be specific about eac

Are you animal welfare rated?

We don't have an animal welfare rating from the organization that gives out those. We work with small family farms who don't always have the time nor resources to pursue all certifications out there. We do however only offer grassfed and grass finish

What is the grade of your beef? Choice? Prime? Select?

Grassfed beef is seldom graded in the same way as industrial beef. You will find that grassfed beef (including our partner farms) is more lean than typical industrial beef that you would find in a supermarket. You will also find it more flavourful, b

Do you age your beef?

Yes, our beef is dry-aged for 1-2 weeks

The taste is gamey

Grassfed beef has a distinctly different taste than grain fed beef. It has more of a "full flavour" and richer taste.

Does your ground beef contain organs?

No, our ground beef does not contain any organs.

The beef I bought is X months old

Grassfed is cyclical. The majority of the beef is finished in the season when there is actually grass available. In the colder / dryer months there is not as many nutrients in the grass and hard to finish beef on grass in many parts of the country, t

What are the ingredients in the Summer Sausage / Pork Sausage?

The ingredients in the Summer Sausage are: Beef, water, salt, seasonings, corn syrup solids, sodium nitrate.

What are the ingredients in the Snack Sticks?

The ingredients in the Snack Sticks are: Beef, water, salt, seasonings, corn syrup solids, dextrose, mustard, spices, dehydrated garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite).

Are the Salmon Filets' skin-on?

Yes, the Salmoln Filets are skin-on.

Bones for dogs?

We are less familiar with dogs, but the Knuckle Bones are great value!

Will your meats have any coloring or preservatives added?

No, our meats do not have any preservatives or coloring added.

Do you offer whole tenderloins?

No, we do not.

Are your meats pre-marinated?

No, nothing is premarinated.

Are the pig hearts trimmed?

They're butchered.

Is there a phone number that I can contact you on?

Yes! Our support team is available from M-F from 9 am - 6 pm EST and you may reach us on these channels:. [email protected]. +1 888-290-2464

Can you recycle or reuse the styrofoam?

Yes, the styrofoam box is fully reusable!

How many rib eye per pack?

There is typically 1 per pack.

How many bones per pack?

It depends on the weight and bone cuts. Number of bones always vary.

Are there dates on the packages?

Yes, all our meat has package date on them. Please note that grassfed is cyclical. The majority of the beef is finished in the season when there is actually grass available. In the colder / dryer months there is not as many nutrients in the grass and

I don't understand your pricing, how much per pound?

We price most of our items per steak or per roast. Ground beef would be the exception. This is a common pricing methodology for when you ship products that are rarely exactly the same, roasts and steaks will vary a bit in terms of their weight as the